Monday, July 1

Submission: 1986 Renault Encore GS

Thanks to our friend Jay over at California Streets for this endearing Alliance submission. This quirky Renault's appearance is particularly perplexing, the suburban economy import version of the abandoned supercars left for dead in the Saudi desert. Cosmetically it looks excellent - paint has clearly been taken care of, wheels have never been near a curb, the just-cracked window left by an owner running into the store for a moment. But the fine coating of a couple weeks worth of dust and a deflated right front leads me to believe the owner decided to finally take the cover off the old gal and shake the cobwebs out, only to sober up at their destination, leave the keys in the ignition, and take the bus back home. Hopefully she can find the love she once had, yet again.

Dublin, CA
Renault Alliance Wiki
Photo: Jay Wollenweber


  1. Amazing. The wheels, the stripes, the spoiler...just the overall design is awesome. I'm sure parts are nonexistant, which could be why it's been abandoned.

  2. Good heavens. This is great.
    It's as if an '87 Nova Hatchback had congress with a '91-'96 Escort GT.
    Equal parts terrible and excellent.

  3. I had the LS version of the 1985 Encore ( R-11 ). Nice car, a bit flimsy, but a nice economical car. There are parts available from Rock Auto and other online sources. I would snap this one up, if it were truly abandoned.