Wednesday, May 28

1970 Glastron Dodge M300 Motorhome

Glastron was a Texas-based boat builder that dabbled with the occasional motorhome when fiberglass was in fashion and big was in. According to a recent ad for this rig, the Glastron Motorhome was in production for 3 years and saddled on a Dodge M300 chassis. Only 200 were made, with this specimen purchased from an old lady who kept it covered in the garage for most of its life. Long live the long vehicle you can live in.

Glastron Motorhomes
Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Jack Murray

Monday, May 5

1991 Geo Metro LSi Convertible

So much pride..... such a tiny package. 1 liter of topless cruising for your enjoyment.

Woodbury, CT
Metro Vert@Curbside
Photo: Gardner Murray