Wednesday, March 6

1971 Dodge Travco aka "Old Flat Top"

Previously PEEPED with a 1970 Buick Skylark
Ron Britt is obviously The Man, living The Dream most of us can only dream of.

Manhattan, NY
Travco Wiki
Ron in NY Daily News with his Dodge Mahal
Ron's Mahal after it burned to the ground
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Cousin Eddie just showed up fer a little surprise visit. But don't worry. his unidentified fungus condition is beginning to clear up now. His dog Snotz has got a little bit of "Mississippi leg-hound" in him...if the mood catches him right, he'll grab yer leg & just go ter town ... you don't want him around if yer wearin' yer short pants (if ya know what i mean, heh,heh).

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