Tuesday, February 5

1982 Toyota Corolla 2 Door (Rotary)

The owner lets the air out of the tires as a theft deterrent. Apparently it's been stolen before. I was actually thinking of stealing it myself. The owner also said that this is his favorite motor (Mazda 13b rotary) for this car. He claims to have had a Ford 5.0, Buick turbocharged V6, and a Mitsubishi 2.6L turbo in this rig. This group of motors in this car seems amazing to me, but maybe I'm just lazy.

Brooklyn, NY
E70 Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Second shot is killer. As a witness to the owner's cell phone videos of 10 second quarter miles I can confirm this is one mean rig.

  2. As a Toyota-owner I can only approve this one!

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