Saturday, February 9

1956 Mercury Montclair

This car has been well documented over the years (here and here, among others). By some estimations, it's been parked in the same spot for close to two decades. Some accounts say the car no longer runs and the owner/occupant pushes it around the corner and back to comply with street cleaning. When I came across it, it had current registration and looked to be absolutely full of stuff. Obviously, this is someone's shelter and they've managed to hang on for upwards of 15 years; perhaps it's by choice, perhaps by necessity.

San Francisco, CA
'56 @ Classic Car Crazy
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. awesome. CA Streets is my buddy' blog :)

  2. Great site Colin. We'll ad it to are links list. For obvious reasons, this car has gotten some attention.

  3. I once by chance ran into the person that owns that beat up old Mercury. This was about five years ago, and he was an small elderly black guy who told me that he bought the car new in '56 when he got out of the Army and has had it ever since. In its time it has travelled all over the United States. He drove it up to Alaska once and also down to Mexico. He used to have parked in a garage until around 25 years ago, when he couldn't afford the rent increase. He now must now be about 80 years old, if he has had it all those years,and moves it once a week. Most of his belongings are stored in that decrepit old car.

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