Wednesday, April 25

1976 Volkswagen Dasher

Brooklyn, NY
B1 Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. This car was made also in Brazil. The car remained almost untouched until 1985, when the factory changed the plattform a the name. In South America the car is knowm with the name PASSAT. Most of the last four door models were exported to Irak, where they are very popular.

  2. This one is a '76 or '77...single front headlights and early dash. I had a '77, Dakota Beige. Almost the best car I've ever had. Cheap to run, comfortable, would haul anything and too slow to get into real trouble.....I wish I had one now (currently in a Jetta wagon)....

  3. Way cool. In excellent shape too! I'd love to have it.