Saturday, April 12

1979 Chevrolet El Camino & 1969 Dodge D100

I think the El Camino is the real workhorse of the duo, mainly because the Dodge has no engine. Although, the Dodge did have an engine last year when it was parked under the BQE.

Brooklyn, NY
5th Gen El Camino 
2nd Gen D100
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. The Dodge has a Michigan plate, meaning someone must have towed it from out of state.Why? Michigan is probably the worst state for rust and vehicles arent subject to emissions and safety inspections so they are abused and neglected worse.Nobody-- I repeat, NOBODY, says "Hey, let's go to Michigan to get a good project truck." A lot of the old trucks in michigan now were purchased in Texas.

  2. Awesome duo - I peeped the D100 under the BQE a while back and commentor thought it might have been hers from MI a while back:
    Link here

  3. My theory is that owner of D100 is from MI and living in BK, maintaining MI reg. Probably parked in a minimal sweet sweeping area for easy rolling while the motor is being rebuilt.

  4. I hope the owner does a good job with it and save the old Dodge. For a long time I thought those D100 were ugly. Now I think they are ugly. But in a very cool sort of way. ;-) Still running my '75 D200.

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