Tuesday, April 8

1954 Plymouth Savoy

Brooklyn, NY
Savoy @ AllPar
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. LOVE IT JACK! Look at that cool dash board. really like the artist renderings of the cars features too. I am still amazed at how many old cars are running around down there in the big apple. True hero's as there owners are too. More please if you can?

    1. Thanks JS - pretty amazing what you find still kicking around considering the sheer brutality of the city streets on old cars. We'll keep em coming

  2. had a customer of mine back in my autoparts sales days that had one, and his Dad had two. Cool cars.

  3. I've seen videos of these cars still running in Havana Cuba, but not many here in the 'States.
    Seems that we Americans have lost the knowledge of how to keep an old car running. Wish I
    could buy it!