Tuesday, April 22

Submission: 1975 Brazilian Model Chevrolet C10

Javier is constantly enlightening us with gems such as this C10. What we know here in the U.S. as a C10 is in fact a different truck all together in Brazil. This would make in interesting custom here in the U.S.

Paraguay, South America
General Motors do Brasil
TTAC: Brazilian Suburban
Photo: Javier Rubén

Monday, April 21

RePEEP: 1980 Volkswagen Dasher Diesel Wagon

Coming up on the two year anniversary of being peeped in the same neighborhood. Time has not been good to her. We'll add a head gasket and front/rear glass to the To Do list. Let's hope the next time we check in on Mrs. Dash, she's feeling better.

Brooklyn, NY
Passat B1
Photo: Gardner Murray

Friday, April 18

1974 Oldsmobile Omega

Looks like we're going to have to dust this ad off again. Seriously, what the hell are they doing? Whispering sweet nothings while dry buffing a landau parked on top of a goddamn waterfall? Yes, that's exactly what they're doing. 

Seeing an impeccable malaise-era steed in the flesh is equally fascinating and perplexing. It's a joy to see an unmolested relic of a simpler era, a time capsule to when cars were made of metallic materials and had a drivetrain that was generally reliable and easily serviceable. Today, most are public safety hazards, exempt from emissions or other standards of decency, rotting in the street and occasionally coerced into going to the grocery store, waiting out the days until the next repair bill is greater than their scrap value.

Every so often you find an unexceptional car in excellent condition, and the interest shifts from the vehicle to the owner. Who owns this thing and why on earth is it in such great condition?

A little digging reveals that this mint Olds is driven by New York Times automotive writer Benjamin Preston who offers some wonderful insight into the history of this example. In a great writeup in Road & Track, Mr. Preston was for some inexplicable reason in the market for '80s to early '90s Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs. Why is not clear - maybe a nostalgic throwback or perhaps an undiagnosed illness brought on by the year's unrelenting winter.

This cherry Omega caught his eye on Craiglist, and with 86k on the clock and nary a tear on the vinyl, he was sold. It was the only car ever owned by the gentlemen he bought it from, who acquired it from the original owner who lived in same building. And there it sat for 17 years, two owners in the same garage basement parking slip, affectionately named Magnolia.

The significance of this boring beauty is not lost on Mr. Preston:
My screaming Craigslist deal turned out to be a piece of rolling New York City history. I had picked up the kind of everyday car that a plainclothes police detective or school teacher or neighborhood priest would have driven through the mean streets and over the years ushered inexorably toward its fate as a battered pile of rusty uselessness. The sort of car you see in all those old Kodachrome snapshots of life in the Big Apple when lapels were fat, glasses turned dark in the sun, and people smoked cigarettes in their fluorescent tube-lit offices. Although most of the others like it are gone, this one had survived, and I was driving it along the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, blithely unaware of the horde of slow-moving Pruises, battered GMC Envoys, and other modern nonentities jouncing along the potholed lanes beside me. Perhaps one of them would attain this bit of historical glory someday, too.
Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Jack Murray

Tuesday, April 15

Submission: 1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

Group A hero and father to the evil Lancer Evo, the Galant VR-4 is a true sleeper. And it fits into a category of vehicles that we truly love. It's a "kind of interesting" that few would even consider.

San Francisco, CA
6th Gen Wiki
Go Rally One
Photo: Jay Wollenweber

Saturday, April 12

1979 Chevrolet El Camino & 1969 Dodge D100

I think the El Camino is the real workhorse of the duo, mainly because the Dodge has no engine. Although, the Dodge did have an engine last year when it was parked under the BQE.

Brooklyn, NY
5th Gen El Camino 
2nd Gen D100
Photo: Gardner Murray

Friday, April 11

Submission: 1982 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Liftback

Groceries - check, pick up the kids - check, drifting with your mom - check.

Ontario, Canada
E70 Wiki
Photo: JJ Cowin

Thursday, April 10

1987 Airstream 345

Just a seriously large vehicle. The thought of maneuvering this lounge through NYC streets is enough to give even an experienced recreational driver the cold sweats. Point this towards the 325 we found in San Diego and my guess is they'd meet somewhere near Ohio.

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Jack Murray