Friday, March 7

1983 Toyota Corolla Wagon

Pizzacutters. Extra cheese.

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Okay, wait a minute. an '83 Toyota Corolla wagon with skinnys in front wides out back and all on custom rims. All that's missing is the wheelie bar. What's this guy hiding under the hood? Looking at the tail pipe, just a stock four banger. But that could be a ploy into to tricking some unsuspecting hot shoe into thinking it's a easy kill. Hmmmm.

  2. I've seem a 3TC that would yank the wheels at launch... "It's A Hemi!" ok a really little one.
    I prefer 70's Dodge Colts, but the TC powered Corollas are my second choices, followed by the Celicas (any of the rear drive ones)

  3. could be a PR owner with a built 3t or 12a with peripheral ports under the hood. more likely its stock engine through judging by the tires. clean car, would look much better on wide 14" ssrs or something even more rare.

    at least they aren't rotas or xxrs.