Thursday, March 27

1973 Dodge Charger SE

Queens, NY
Car of the Week
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Gardner, nice camera work considering all the clutter around the subject. That left side view shot shows the really beautiful long lean body of this ol' war horse. The stance for me is a little high in the back, but that's the way some folks like them. Man this Charger is in great shape. There's a lot of nice stuff in the big apple. Keep 'em coming guys. Love this blog.

  2. Thanks js. I was scrolling back through photos on my iPhone and I discovered this Charger and the Prelude I posted a few days ago. It's a labor of love to own a car like this and keep it up on city streets. The water droplets are always well received.

  3. Absolutely. You can see how the rain beads and runs off. This owner takes good car of his baby.

  4. Reminds me of my BIL's '74. His was as sharp as this one 'til he hit a brick wall. As I recall,
    it had a 318 V-8 with a 727 Torqueflite tranny. Didn't think they had that many old cars in
    New York.