Thursday, March 13

1965 Volkswagen 1600

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Type 3 Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. That's quite an interesting find. Thanks for expanding my world knowledge, also--I had no idea that you drive on the left side of the road in Thailand, and I still don't know why--Thailand was never taken over by a European entity.
    I wonder if this car was imported from Britain or Australia--did VW sell these in Asian markets? I suppose they might have made a Japanese model and then imported it into Thailand.

    1. Hi Prof - re: left side driving, I can only assume it was the norm for SE Asia. Probably easier to keep things the same as the colonial neighbors rather than switch over the double yellow at the border.

      Not sure as to importations of VWs - but I did see a large number of Beetles and a few buses here and there. I would imagine direct important of some of the early VW staples was likely and that there was a strong enough market throughout SE Asia.

      Hopefully a Thai expert can chime in.