Monday, January 20

Submission: 1973 Ford Courier

A nice looking original example. Must be a transplant from the West Coast.

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Peter Kleeman


  1. owned one in that color (a '72 iirc) and bought it for $125. I'd a '76 Dodge Colt and blew the engine. the truck got me around and hauled the replacement engine from the junkyard. Then, just as I got the car almost totally finished, I drove to pick up on last needed item and the brakes on the truck failed ... A right on red from the left lane in front of a sheriff deputy ... He just waved as he drove past me holding a bottle of brake fluid. Next day the car was going again so I never got to fix it up, and sold it to a guy for $400.

  2. I got my cross-town medium-sized package delivered in under two hours for under $20. It sure beats me cabbing it back and forth!

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