Sunday, January 12

1973 Plymouth Fury Coupe

Brooklyn, NY
'73 Fury Lemons Car
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. WOW! I had one of these cars, the four door hard top version of it. I loved that ol' Fury, thus my name sake. Unfortunately living in the rust belt, up state new york it was eaten up. I found a '72 four door h/t just before I had to park the '73, and i still have that one. I plan to put it back on the road after a little work that is needed. just hope i can do it.

  2. Awesome shots, Gardner. The aesthetic is great. It's hard to go wrong with overcast light.

  3. fantastic old parked car. fantastic setting. you win this time, gardner.

  4. I wouldn't want to live in Brooklyn but if I did... This would be my daily driver. It is so good.