Thursday, January 30

Submission: Drive-by Series

 1977 Ford Pinto
 1976 Chevrolet Caprice
 1962 Ford Galaxie
 1965 Dodge A-100
1976 Cadillac Coupe deVille

Great shots Matt. Nothing better than the sweet side profile of a classic car. I particularly like the Pinto vs. Caprice contrasting matchup, seeing as how they're only one year apart in age.

Napa, CA
Photo: Matt Buss

Monday, January 27

Submission: 1989 Laforza

That's right, not only was the Laforza designed to look like a real life toy car, but they're also packin' a Ford 5.0. We can only assume the owner was acquiring a Big Mac (with cheese) and a set of Daytons for this fresh ride. This is the first of a bucket of PEEPs we've received from Jay. Nice find and keep them coming.

Danville, CA
Photo: Jay Wollenweber

Sunday, January 26

1976 BMW 2002

It's another 2002! Did they make millions of these? Are they unbelievably reliable and long lasting? Or do people just love them that much? Whatever the reason, they're still very common to see despite being 40+ years old.

Brooklyn, NY
2002 FAQ
Photo: Gardner Murray

Saturday, January 25

Submission: 1966 Opel Rekord Sedan

Tim noted that his research shows this car has been registered to the same owner since 1969. Well kept driver indeed. And the color is Horizonblua in case you're wondering. Thanks Tim.

Haarlem, The Netherlands
Rekord Wiki
Photo: Tim van Essen

Thursday, January 23

Submission: Dumpster Diving: 1959 Cadillac(s)

Guy captured this Dumpster O'Cadillac along the Miami River in a commercial diving yard. Looks more like art than an ideal scrap metal storage solution.

Miami, FL
Reported Elsewhere
Photo: Guy Kathe

Monday, January 20

Submission: 1973 Ford Courier

A nice looking original example. Must be a transplant from the West Coast.

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Peter Kleeman

Wednesday, January 15