Sunday, December 1

Soul Mates: 1979 Lincoln Continental Towncar & 1986 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

They met in a bar... in 2003. She was only 17, he was 24. It was love at first sight. 10 years later.... things are going well. She's filled out a bit, her grille and rack are still nice, but the backside is getting soft and starting to sag. Meanwhile, he feels better than ever, but fails to recognize his looks are frozen in a time long ago when length was king and the size your shoes wasn't directly connected to your status on the street. But alas, they're happy, healthy and still capable of laying down a little rubber on a Saturday night.

Brooklyn, NY
HowStuffWorks: Continental Towncar
Custom Cruiser Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Still a better love story than Twilight. Nice Peep.

  2. 2 of my favorite cars of all time. love this peep, poetry.

  3. Such a nice love story :) And I really love those cars - no land-cruiser or range-rover can compete, I must say. Such a beauty and elegance.

  4. Lincoln Continental has always been the standard of the classics. He is restrained but at the same time says that his master has good taste.