Sunday, December 29

2011 SAAB 9–5

Equal parts exceptional, WTF, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Carry on.

Palm Springs, CA
9–5 Wiki
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. A victim of being themselves and a part of GM. GM kept saying "To save money you must base your car on this platform!" and once Saab finished their work nothing was shared across those platforms. Better cars for the most part than the other GM versions, but cost too much to make any profit. Finally they nearly forced the designs down Saab's throat, and still they changed them so much they lost money.
    Poor GM management and hardheaded Swedish engineers are not a good combo.

  2. i love the design

  3. The only thing that looks "SAAB-ish" about this car is the roof line. The rest of it is just another faceless blob so typical of today's cars. BORRRRRRING! What the hell happened to style.