Sunday, November 10

19?? Citroen H Van

Dog on board

Some patina from the past:

Brooklyn, NY
H Van Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Jack, as always, thanks for providing cool pictures of automobile "stuff". You're always finding something unique and different. If you are ever in doubt about the year of a vehicle, and it's registered in NYS just check the windshield reg tag.

  2. Thanks js - I tried to take a peek at the reg but the guard dog seated in the drivers seat was not particularly interested in letting me. This is one of those models that didn't change for near four decades so I'm just shooting for the correct century until the experts chime in. Cheers.

    1. That van (and dog) are mine.. the van is a 1972. The dog is from 2009 : )

    2. Sweet ride Anonymous - what year is the van and the dog?

  3. Correct century. Jack, that's funny. I like that. :D

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  5. Tiger, who's also on board sends greetings from Berlin, Germany!

  6. Those were really common everywhere in France until maybe the late 1990s. Grey was the basic color but stores and artisans alike very often had them painted in their own colors and names.
    This one comes from Paris, as indicated by the original plate seen underneath the American one (former plates finishing by 75 indicated the vehicle was registered in the French capital).

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