Wednesday, November 20

Greetings from The Netherlands: 1989 Seat Marbella

Our friend Eelco says:

These cars, derived from the 1980's Fiat Panda, were once on every street corner, but are slowly disappearing. Only a handful left.  People use these to have a car during winter and usually throw them away afterwards. They do not represent a significant value, but they did earn their place in history.

Small (only 11ft 51332in in length), practical, no options, cheap to drive and own, and with the detachable rear seat and front passenger seat, a mini van on its own when it comes to cargo space. This particular one seems to be maintained very well. Odometer only reads around 30K miles and it is the Del Sol edition, which means an extra a sunroof and cool striping on the sides.

Thanks for sending this in Eelco!

Somewhere in the Netherlands
Photo: Eelco

Sunday, November 10