Friday, October 25

1965 Ford Mustang

Brooklyn, NY
Bringing in the 'Stang
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. unless someone changed the side trim, that is a '64 1/2 or '65 'stang the 66 has three long strakes on the trim in the side "scoop".

  2. egad, I need to wake up ... didn't even notice it was a convertible!, But it is still either a 64 1/2 or 65. not quite that sleepy (^_~)

  3. JP, wasn't the grill different on the '66 as well? I seem to recall that the cross bar surrounding the corral where the pony is was not there.

  4. Thanks for the update gents, we'll settle on a '65

  5. Looks more like a '69 to me.

  6. 65 works ... certainly not an expert on them myself, but worked on a 66 with the straight 6 for several years (my Aunt and Uncle owned it) and learned the quick side look was easiest way to identify the years on the Notch and Convert. The car needed a grill so I can't tell from those. The Fastbacks often didn't have the side trim, so I am less able to tell those apart. Also I'm not positive the V8 in the 64 1/2 convert. was the 289. They started out with the 260 iirc.

    '69?!!?!? er
    That year was a bigger car.

  7. the car pictured is either a 1964 or a 1965 mustang convertible,because in 1966 ford changed the grille by removing the mesh and the four chrome bars and replacing them with horizontial strips.
    pop quiz everybody from 1964-1969 how many times did the mustang's bodystyle change.