Sunday, October 20

1959 Chrysler Imperial

Sacramento, CA
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. This brings back some memories for me. My Dad had one of these leviathans, it was gray with a brushed stainless steel top that were inlaid over the doors. I was just a kid just starting to really dig the car scene. I remember sitting on the front seat and looking at the dash board lights at night and thinking we were in a rocket ship. That Imperialist was just huge! I loved it.

  2. Not a Chrysler Imperial but simply Imperial.

    You don't call it a "Ford Mercury", this case is the same. In 1955 the Chrysler Corp. made Imperial the top marquee and dropped Chrysler down a level, so then the lineup was Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, and then Imperial.