Sunday, September 1

1976 Datsun 280Z

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. typical bandwagon status.

    - no bumpers
    - chickenwire grille
    - cheap paintjob
    - cheap wheels
    - cheap tires
    - too cheap for suspension

    hope it ends up in good hands after this guy sells out.

    1. Cheap Paint Job? You sure about that sucka? this is pretty nice paint.

  2. It's incredible to see a person get so upset over someone else's car. You say all of this as if car isn't a running project; as if the owner doesn't have plans for the car. How do you know the owner didn't buy the car with the intention of resurrecting it from the state you seem to be raising issue with (which in my opinion, isn't very bad)? And what about a resonable budget - all the work you're asking to be done adds up to several thousands of dollars. Give the guy a break! I don't know who owns this car, but I've seen it around, and it's in really great condition for a NY car. And as long as he enjoys what he's got, that's cool with me. That's what it's all about to us car guys: loving what you got. You, my friend, are not a true car guy. If anything, you just sound jealous.