Wednesday, September 18

1973 Chevrolet Nova

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. My Gandma had one of these with a straight 6 that was idled at about 15 mph .... when she put it in reverse it spun the tires.

  2. Jack, Are you sure this Nova's a '71? The bumpers, grill and other little details on it are looking like a later model. Say '73-'74. I tell you though, this little Chevy's crying out for a satin black paint job with a set of OEM rally wheels with some decent 70 sires tires.

    JP, sound like the idle was up way to high on Grand Ma's car. Maybe she like doing a little light to light drag racing. ;)

    1. js - '71 came from a nearby neighbor who was likely under the influence... Thanks for the update

    2. The 2 vertical bumper pads on eather side of the license plate on the front bumper indicate it's a 1974 Nova. The 1973 looked just like the 74 but didn't have the vertical bumper pads.

  3. It had a tendency to stall when shifting into drive or reverse and when stopped in gear, and that was the "fix". We lived next door. Once it scared visitors when they saw her pull into her garage at speed. "How often does that lady come shooting out the back wall?"
    Oh yeah, to top it all off, Granma was all of 4'6" or so.

  4. Looking at the bumpers this is definitely a '74. The bolts on this one are in a single straight line while the '73 had a two rows of bolts.