Tuesday, August 27

Submission: 199? Land Rover Defender 90

Thanks to Jason for sending in this D90 equipped with snorkel gear for the year-long Pacific Northwest monsoon season.

Portland, OR
Photo: Jason McGinnity

Friday, August 23

1962 Ford Ranchero

Two circles up front. Two circles out back. Just plain ol' circles.
What ever happened to circles as key design elements?

Santa Fe, NM
Ranchero Fan Club
Photo: Bill Stengel

Tuesday, August 20

Submission: 197? Renault 4

Thanks to Hans for checking in from paradise on this R4 with what looks like R5 Alpine wheels.

Photo: Hans-Ulrich Til
Renault 4 Wiki
Canico de Baixo,, Madeira Island, Portugal

Friday, August 16

1958 Edsel Pacer

I swung a U-turn to PEEP this and hoped to hell they had that trailer hooked up to this lemon-sucker.

La Jara, CO
Ed's Pacer Restoration
Photo: Bill Stengel