Sunday, July 21

Submission: 1971 Toyota Celica ST Coupe

Thanks to our dear friend Kevin in Portland for sending in this flawless ST.

Portland, OR
Photo: Kevin Brown
First Gen Wiki 


  1. Always preferred the rear drive Dodge Colt (ranked 73-76, pre 73, then the later rear drives which are nearer the same level as the Celicas), but these are my second choice, and had to circle back a few weeks ago to look at one just a few weekends ago. The draw of the Celica now is availability of parts, especially engine swap bits. as the R motor is still easy to find bits for. the Colts are getting too rare, and even the fun swap of a 2.6 is getting harder to do. Plus the Mitsu motors parts have always been pricey as all get out.

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