Wednesday, May 8

Peepin' in Paraguay: 1982 Renault Torino

Encarnación,  Paraguay
Torino Wiki
Photo: Javier Rubén Matiauda


  1. Looks a lot like a Rambler American.

  2. a good car manufactured in Argentina.participated in competitions in Europe.
    for me, one of the best cars made there...

  3. jsfury. In fact the Renault Torino is the Argentinian versión of the Rambler American with some design changes by Pininfarina. IKA (Industrias Kaiser Argentina, or Kaiser Indrustries of Argentina) built some cars from Rambler here in Souht America during the 60s and 70s. They built Gladiators, Ambassadors and others.
    Javier R Matiauda.

  4. That's very interesting history Javier, but what really caught my eye is how long the basic body design has lasted. The Rambler American 330 was around in the early 60's. This is an '82 model. Very cool. ;)

  5. jsfury. The same happened with the Argentinian versión of the Ford Falcon. They began to built it in 1962, and the body just changed a little. Headlights, tail lights, but the body was the same of the early 60s. I think the last versión was built in 1992. Javier R Matiauda.-