Wednesday, May 15

2012 Ferrari FF

Gardner was here.

I liked the FF better the first time, when it was called the M Coupe.



  1. Nice car. Real beauty, but just stupid to drive it in NYC.

  2. the m coupe comment is understandable but the ff is on another level, these are soooo fast and never really see um...not to many ppl are in the market for a $300,000 wagon. that scratch is aweful though!!

    1. I'd like to see an FF next to an M Coupe. 4 seats aside, this thing is a behemoth; and not in a good way.
      If the "scratch" you're referring to is the mark just ahead of the fender jewelry, I'll correct you and say it's a certain white substance (bird poop?) that you can see being wiped off by someone that looks like Turtle from Entourage in the last photo.

  3. Surprisingly surprised by this - four seats x four driven wheels + 650 hp is OK by me, I'll have to haggle on price a bit though