Friday, April 12

Submission: 1967 Ford Taunus 17M Super

Thanks to Michael for reminding us of all the amazing euro Fords us 'Mericans were never worthy of.

Haarlem, The Netherlands
P5 Wiki
Photo: Michael L


  1. My hometown! It has been standing there for quite some time now. It looked way better last July.

  2. Whoa, the ultimate sleeper euro ford. It sure has been abused by the elements since July Tim. Looks like it was shining in all its glory when you photographed it. I love the nose, tail and wheel cutouts. This would be a fun car to have here in the states.

  3. I am also surprised to see it in this condition. I figured it was owned by somebody who took care of it but now it seems as if it's deserted.

    Very strange.