Saturday, April 13

1973 Toyota Corona Mark II Sedan


Seattle, WA
MkII Wiki
Photo: Ryan Haarsager


  1. Wow is right. Unbelievable find. I know exactly where this is, but haven't seen it.
    Those tail lights are amazing; the whole car is, really. Reminds me of a European Ford or GM, or some Australian car. Which is a good thing. Fantastic design. Love the split grill, huge rear bumper, concave front, fastback look...and the slightly-lowered stance on steelies. Perfect. Great color, too. Can you tell I like it?

  2. I agree. When I first saw it I thought it was like a Ford Cortina or something. It's been parked there for a while now right down the street from Dick's so you should go check it out. Looking at a picture of it isn't quite as cool as seeing it in person. Damn, the things you can find on the rainy streets of Seattle!!!

  3. i had to do a triple-take to comprehend that it had four doors.


  4. What a great looking car. The transitions are impeccable and the lowered stance really pulls it all together. I want one now.

  5. Are you sure about the year? Seems to be from around 1973 from the shape of the bumpers and rear lights.Didn´t all imports to the US had to have gigantic bumpers by 1976?

    1. It is a '73; I recently stumbled across this exact car posted online.

  6. That is a beauty! As mentioned above, I looove the taillights and the integrated bumper. Nice design.

  7. Made the correction. Thanks O!

  8. Nice looking car. I prefer the station wagon, but a sedan is nice.

  9. That's about the best thing I've ever seen. Epic, epic. Epic.