Monday, March 11

Submission: 1971 Simca 1204

Our friend Matt over at Beaterblog was kind enough to PEEP his '71 Simca he found parked outside his house. This is one of two, with the other awaiting a 2.2 turbo swap. Read all about it here. Then check out Murilee Martin flogging a 1204 at LeMons to take first place for slowest car on the track.

In case you missed it in the first shot, lurking in the darkness is a half-breed with a "HOONAGE" plate featuring a self-portrait of a ute chasing 'roos. Let's enhance:

Stayed tuned for an update.

Charleston, SC
Photo: Matt Anderson


  1. Yes, HOONAGE plate. But the hell is it? Almost looks like a radical customized Plymouth or Dodge mini pick-up from the '80's.

    1. It's a 1984 Aussie Ford Falcon S Utility - we'll run a feature on it soon

  2. Crazy stuff going on in SC. The Enhance clip is tremendous.

  3. Jack thanks, be looking forward to that. You got to find a mad max car some time. ;)