Sunday, March 17

Scene on the Street: Brooklyn Bad Boyz

As somewhat responsible riders ourselves, The Street Peep doesn't exactly condone city stuntin' hooliganism. That said, we certainly enjoyed the hell out of these lawless dudes holding up the street to put on a show for us. Stayed tuned for a special feature as we embed ourselves with the Brooklyn Bad Boyz.

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Jack, as a motorcyclist myself I say this. There's a time and a place for everything. If the "bad booooyyyyyzzzzzz" want to play with their expensive "toyz", go to a place where it is allowed. NOT on public streets! Honestly, it's crap like these stunts that make the general public hate motorcyclist more and more.

    1. I hear ya loud and clear jsfury. We're happy to post what we see on the streets and appreciate anything that will get our dear readers to opine.

  2. they look like a bunch of douchebags. chrome nazi helmet and riding bikes with a jumper