Wednesday, March 27

AMC AMX Caravan

On their way to the Cactus Classic in Phoenix, these six members of the SoCal AMX/Javelin Owners Club stopped in Blythe, CA for some foot-longs. Seeing five AMX's and a '69 Hurst SC/Rambler at the same time gave me a foot-long.

Blythe, CA
'69 Hurst SC/Rambler at Automobile Magazine
AMX Wiki
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. As the owner of a crappy six cylinder Javelin, I approve (and envy) this post.

  2. Holy smokes. That is one sweet lineup. Foot-longs for everyone! The intake area on the Rambler is a little slice of heaven.

    1. Didn't we almost die of heat exhaustion here on our way to Pikes Peak?

    2. Please don't remind me about how amazing the intake/graphic is on the SC/Rambler. I was in a huge hurry and missed a closer shot of that.
      Come to think of it, I missed decent closer shots of pretty much everything...

  3. I'm here for hot hatches and ham sandwiches. In the first three frames I thought you were photoshopping primary colors on the same car. Awesome lineup.

  4. Insane.
    What a great line of cars. The Hurst/SC is fantastic; love the period bumper stickers.

  5. its called teamwork. I dont know that they're actually accomplishing anything, but they look good doing it.