Wednesday, March 6

2001 BMW Z3 Coupe

While not the fabled M coupe, this '01 model got the 3.0L M54 inline-six which is no slouch. Quite near the top of my list of all-time favorite body styles, the Z3/M coupe is one bumper-to-bumper idiosyncrasy; in that it makes no sense whatsoever but does so in the most overwhelmingly obnoxious, yet satisfying way. The Z3/M coupe is the very definition of what BMW used to be -  it's a driving machine from a marque which used to be intimately aligned with the desires of the driver. Today, BMW gives us the X6 and the 5 series GT. Do that math...
...I know, it doesn't add up.

With only 1775 produced in 2001, these grow more and more rare by the moment. I hope that someone has stashed one away for me to buy in a dozen or so years that won't require a mortgage to make roadworthy.

Sausalito, CA
M Coupe at Jalopnik (again).
Photo: Bill Stengel

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  1. If you should grab this very example in a dozen years check the front, looks like somebody did a really nasty parking job there.