Tuesday, March 12

1986 Volkswagen T3 Transporter DoKa

Fortunately, Santa Fe is a small enough place that if you see a great car, the odds are pretty good that you'll see it again eventually. I saw this do-it-all beast over and over again for months without an opportunity to PEEP it. Yesterday, I had my opportunity. In 2WD form (Syncros demand a hefty endowment up front to keep them in proper order), Dokas are with little doubt the most useful vehicle around. Even more so than a 1st gen Dodge Caravan.

Santa Fe, NM
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. Insert Gardner saying "I'll show you a hefty endowment up front."

  2. Beauuuty! at 1st glance looks about as exciting as painting a living room. but this is all about form following function: it's a lively little exercise in pushing the boundaries of getting as much as possible without going over budget... & therein lies the beauty. You could look at this little trucklet for hours and keep finding new details that were the result of some engineering solution rather than a stylist's pen... The perfect peep.

  3. Not quite a trucklet.... Check the specs. This baby was designed to work! Long live VW!!!

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