Sunday, March 10

1980 Citroen 2CV AK400

Seattle, WA
2CV Wiki
Photo: Ryan Haarsager


  1. Fantastic! You guys scored yourself a ringer with Ryan.

    (This is the QFC plaza on Holman Rd in NW Seattle, I believe.)

    1. Ryan's really delivering the goods

    2. Yes, this is in the QFC parking lot. There seems to be a couple of old cars there every time we drive by. -Ryan

  2. Came standard with a seat-activated stereo system that played The Benny Hill Theme when you sat down. Great marketing idea.

  3. This is not a "1980" citroen. Circa 50. (French guy)

  4. It is a 2CV AZU, manufactured between July and November 1961 here are the most obvious features that date the car:
    New type 5 rib bonnet was launched July 1961
    The ammeter in the dash was replaced with a warning light in November 1961
    This may well be a Glacauto conversion with three side windows in the back and square windows in the rear doors instead of the small oval original door windows.
    Left side fender mount rear view mirror was correct for 1961
    The defrost mechanism in this van was in use up to July 1962
    The speedometer was in use up to October 1962
    The upper side panels of the rear body became smooth in March, 1963 At the same time the fender mounted rear view mirrors were replaced with door mounted mirrors
    The rear/side turn signals were enlarged in April, 1963
    Some one added extra taillights later, as the AZU had single taillights up to the late sixty's
    Hubcaps are from a much later model 2CV
    Suicide doors were used till December 1964

    What a lovely Camionette!

    Erik de Widt

  5. Erik,this is my Truckette...any questions?