Sunday, March 10

1968 Buick Electra 225 4 Door Hardtop

Somebody dropped a Deuce and a 1/4. This is Jeremy's winter daily driver. He traded a lawnmower for it 13 years ago and hasn't killed it yet. Morris acts as a B-Pillar when needed.

Brookfield, CT
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Scout's truck is bigger than Morris' land yacht

  2. Left alone once again for what seemed like hours at a time--neurotic Morris began to navigate the all too familiar minefield of self-conscious "is this person someone I really should be involved with?" conversation. Subtitles flashed unspoken thoughts: "maybe I'm not smart enough for him" and "he treats me like as if I'm just another B pillar to him". Still he waits. Day after day.