Saturday, March 23

1966 Dodge Polara

A lot of things are very right with this.

Brooklyn, NY
Polara @ HowStuffWorks
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Pissed off rear fascia. Whoa. I think it's a '68 :/

    1. Love the angry hornet tails - my favorite rear end this side of Rosie O'Donnell. I'm going to stick with '66 on this one - check out the grill and tails on a 1968 to compare.

  2. The front and rear of this car are insane!

  3. I love full-size mopars from the mid 60s to the mid-70s. '61 is when Chrysler hired Elwood Engel away from ford but his influence wasn't really seen until 65, at which point any full-size from Chyrsler, Dodge, Plymouth, or Imperial was simply fantastic looking until he left in the mid 70s. Engel is famous for penning the '61 Lincoln Continental but I actually prefer his work at Mopar.

  4. I checked my monstrous American car spotters guide 1920-1980 book and the polar pictured is a 1966