Sunday, March 31

1978 Pontiac Firebird

I'd drive it. Hard. There's just something so disgustingly appealing about rubber bumpered cars with the yellow showing through.

Seattle, WA
2nd Gen Wiki
Photo: Ryan Haarsager

Thursday, March 28

1971 Chevrolet Nova

Brooklyn, NY
Third Gen Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray

1964 Ford Falcon

'64/'65 Falcon; one of the all-time greats. The beltline crease running around the rear deck coupled with the oh-so-subtle fins atop the tail lights is splendid.
That arc running the length of the body between where the pillars land and the door handles? Brilliant.
The Falcon never disappoints.

Oklahoma City, OK
'64: "Plain And Simple" at Curbside Classic
Photo: Bill Stengel

Wednesday, March 27

AMC AMX Caravan

On their way to the Cactus Classic in Phoenix, these six members of the SoCal AMX/Javelin Owners Club stopped in Blythe, CA for some foot-longs. Seeing five AMX's and a '69 Hurst SC/Rambler at the same time gave me a foot-long.

Blythe, CA
'69 Hurst SC/Rambler at Automobile Magazine
AMX Wiki
Photo: Bill Stengel