Thursday, January 3

1989 Ford LTD Country Squire

A vinyl appliqué only a mother could love.

Brooklyn, NY
7th Gen Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Love the anti-drilling sticker on the bumper.

  2. my dad bought a 1989 mercury grand marquis new&still driving it in dallas texas with over 350 kmiles&still original motor(trans was rebuilt in 2010)the most reliable car i have ever seen,never had any major can never compete with that.

  3. your dad has really chalked up alot of frequent loser miles, anonymous.

    1. @Mick Stupp:
      You must be living up to your name. That guy's father has had trouble-free service from a car and you have the hide to call him a loser? Why? Because he dares to something that doesn't fit your idea of a cramped, underpowered, eco-friendly shopping cart?