Tuesday, January 29

1979 Mazda 626

With the exception of the 3rd-gen RX-7, I've always been *meh* about Mazdas. This is the second 1st-gen 626 I've come across and it's won me over with its tidiness. It has a cleanness to it that few of its contemporaries can claim. There are so many small things that make the design of the 1st-gen 626 work so well; the gentle arc of the belt line, the way the shape of the front and rear corner markers mirror one another on the profile, the proportions of the rear end are excellent, the wrap-around rear glass. Sure, the bumpers suck, and some of the trim pieces leave something to be desired; but the rest is fantastically *meh*.

San Francisco, CA
1st gen Wiki
Photo: Bill Stengel