Tuesday, January 15

1969 Ford Falcon Futura

San Jose, CA
3rd Gen Wiki
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. Awesome composition with the hedge and grid-patterned wall! Love 'em. For some reason or another it makes me really happy to see 60s-70s American compacts, be it Falcon, Valiant, whatever, sporting more modern roof racks.

    I will also add I'm loving the new banner! I remember thinking what an awesome shot that was when you guys first posted that set and I think it makes an awesome, awesome banner.

  2. I too am loving everything about this. The car, the rack, the shots. Ace work Bill. And thanks for the appreciation Dylan. Jack certainly hit the mark with the beauty in the Midget. If she's not famous, she looks like she should be.

  3. Thanks sirs.
    Took me a minute to ID it. Turns out these are fairly few and far between. This body style is just as compelling in its subtlety as the '71 Dart I PEEPed in Huntington Beach a while back. Seems that the late-60's/early 70's (pre-Malaise era) gave us some of the greatest American designs; understated and clean while still being geometrically derived (the exact opposite of the blobby design language we're suffering through now). One or two creases per plane, a touch of brightwork, some convex surfaces and you're out the door without offending every single person that looks the damn thing.

    I'm also a sucker for stamped aluminum grilles and hubcaps. Always a treat when they're in tact with minimal damage.

  4. My mom had one identical even down to the paint color. she sold it in California sometime in 1972.