Thursday, January 24

1941 Plymouth Army P11 Staff Car

Seattle, WA
P11 Staff Car
Photo: Ryan Haarsager


  1. The vehicle in the driveway is making me nervous.

  2. Gardner, if you are referring to the tank like vehicle it just makes me a bit envious. Wish I could have one of then in my driveway. On another note, check out the chrome under the flaking OD paint on the hood ornament. Looks like it in pristine condition. :-p

  3. That's what being a man is like: parking this shit in your yard and not caring

  4. This little car is really looking lovely. Thanks for sharing the pictures on this site. Glad to see the Plymouth Army P11 staff car of 1941. I cannot understand how they manage to take proper maintenance of this car. Even it’s a car of earlier days or of current days but maintenance is the most vital for everyone. Japanese Auto Service, Sherwood. A good maintenance will make the car live for many years. It would be much better if you could add some description about it.