Tuesday, December 25

1978? Citicar CommutaVan

Clothes dryer on board?

"Push to Energize"

Santa Fe, NM
Electric Car Owner's Society
Photo: Bill Stengel

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  1. sad part:
    Back in the day when no one knew what Cars would become some tried electric. They got 40-60 miles on a charge with an occasional lucky run of 100 miles, and took 8-12 hours to fully charge. Here we are looking at these small kit car toys from the 70's and they got 40-60 miles with the occasional lucky run of 100 miles range, and took 8-12 hours (or more) to fully charge.
    Today you can buy a Major manufacturer made electric car...they get 40-60 miles range with an occasional lucky run of 100 miles and though you can charge them slightly faster, doing so shortens the life of a very very expensive battery and slow charges best for battery life take 8-12 hours ... not any improvement at all.