Monday, November 12

1985 Toyota Landcruiser

Alberto's beautifully subdued FJ60 with a Bronco 5.7L V8 swap. Nice work!

Brooklyn, NY
FJ60 Wiki
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Wow! This is the most beautiful Land Cruiser FJ60 I have ever seen. The proportions are all perfect. Is there any way to get some specs on this: make and size of tires, kind of lift etc.?

  2. Is that the original silver 147 color? Or something custom. Looks almost matte.

  3. I'd like to know the lift / tyre combo also

  4. Tires are last gen BFG KOs, look to be 16's in a tall skinny size (e.g. 245/85r16), lift looks to be pretty standard 3" OME. Color is not OEM.