Sunday, November 25

1985 Toyota Cressida

Sticky... as advertised.

Brooklyn, NY
3rd Gen Wiki
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. Way to make the Piffs jizz in their pants, Jack.

  2. Only I get credit for eating ass on this one.

  3. Dun it all backwards.

    Paint, wack rims, stretch tires, removable wheel, bubble knob, ridiculous stickers, wing.

    And still no suspension
    I'm assuming it still has a 5M.
    This is terrible. I hope this is aborted before it hurts anyone, and someone can properly finish it.

    Especially considering I live in Japan and see proper examples all the time. This just makes me even more angry to know that people back home are making us look bad.

    1. Thanks for the message, Adam!
      Why not send in some examples and well get them up post-haste (excuse the pun)!

  4. Holy shit, my friend Ryan's car from Long Island. Haha

  5. I forgot exactly where, but I met him last year when I was parting out a 87 Cressida.

    When he came to visit.