Thursday, September 27

1947 Crosley Sedan

One of the more fascinating American marques.

Biddeford, ME
Motorland Biddeford, ME
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. Holy wow, awesome find Bill! The gauges and off-center single tail lamp are killer

  2. I'm loving the new Maine shots! Biddeford is a really cool area isn't it? The wholly brick walls of all the old textile mills makes for a great backdrop on these.

    I'll have to visit this Motorland the next time I'm up there.

    1. Dylan,
      Unfortunately I was only in Biddeford for one day. Motorland happened to be across from the coffee shop where we had lunch. Tim has a great thing going with Motorland and what they're doing with the mill buildings is inspiring. Definitely stop by!

  3. The profile looks like a standard US car from the 1940's but the front is amazing - This car is having a lot of fun! :-D
    What does the right section of the gauge with the red background (scale from 0 - 80) mean?