Saturday, July 21

1988 Volkswagen Fox GL Wagon

Brooklyn, NY
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. Aqui no Brasil o none deste carro era Parati
    Vendeu muito por aqui.
    As primeiras, 1982,tinham motor 1500cc depois
    1600cc e 1800cc.
    As ultimas,2011,tinham 4 portas.

    Ricardo Ventura.

  2. Thanks for posting. Be sure to come back to the neighborhood and keep an eye on it. It is going through a major transformation at the moment.

    Those front end components were shipped up from Brazil (Voyage headlights, smoked corners, fogs, grill parts - main grill itself is just a modified US grill repainted)

    Future exterior plans: I have vent windows from a Saveiro to replace the static US glass near the side view mirrors. I also have wide side molding/trim for a 1991-1992 Gol that will be going on after paint. I also deleted antenna and side markers.

    Check out my build thread on the Vortex:

    Great Blog!

  3. Thanks for stopping by redone - will be sure to check up on. Also PEEPd your '89 2 door to be posted soon. Nice collection!