Sunday, July 15

1981 Chevrolet C-20 Scottsdale "ENFORCER"

The vehicle I always dream of having in gridlock.

Torrington, CT
Enforcer Photos
Photo: Gardner Murray


  1. This guy's wang must be microscopic.

  2. Those axles are super popular with the "muddin' rigs" down here in the south. They come off the heavy military trucks. The round disc you see above the axle is the brakes. They would fine at slow speed but are worthless at high speed since they spin with the driveshafts. I just like that it is a regular truck sitting on leaf springs.

  3. Shaggy these axles actually work just fine at road speeds. The are Rockwell 5ton axles. They come off of 5ton Military trucks which have been used on highways for years. In fact mud runners run them with incredibly high wheel speed. We primarily use 2 1/2ton axles due to the weight of the 5tons being nearly double. 5ton axles are great for the older monster trucks because they hold up extremely well. You can tell the difference easily by looking at the bolt pattern. 6 lug top loaders are 2 1/2ton where as 10 lug top loaders are 5ton.

  4. is it for sale? if so how much? contact me at cajterra at yah o o

  5. Replies
    1. ...much like your comments, Anonymous?

  6. all the negativity he or they built it for themselves not you remember you may be or have something they think is gay

  7. Does anyone know if the truck is still there if so what address?

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