Friday, April 27

1977 Subaru DL / Leone Wagon

Aside from the nicely-placed Roundels, I have a feeling this may have a straight-six dropped into the engine bay. Since the OEM parts supply is nearly nonexistant (see comments here), this would make an excellent candidate for a swap. I would love to know more about this particular car.
Come to think of it, the engine/driveline from an e30 Xi would be quite apropos, albeit spendy.

Santa Fe, NM
Leone Wiki
Photo: Bill Stengel


  1. Cool. It's my car! Yeah man a bit of identity crisis for sure. To bad you guys didn't get to see the awesome interior. Sure you would've gotten a chuckle out of it!

    -Damon S. Archuletta

    1. Damon - I've been tracking your car for the better part of a year. I see you mostly hauling ass on 285 near Eldorado. I live near there, so our paths cross fairly frequently. It would be great to see more!
      Hit me up at submit2streetpeep at gmail!