Monday, March 12

1985 Toyota Tercel SR5

Portland, OR
The Official Car of Santa Claus
Photo: Jack Murray


  1. A friend of mine and I have developed an unhealthy addiction towards these vehicles. I replaced the 3AC engine with a 4AGE from an '86 MR2. The engine sits longitudinally, mounted to a one piece unit that is the transmission, front outdrive and transfercase. It is very lightweight but not good for too much power. The wagons are front wheel drive all time with a lever to engage the rear solid axle. Once in 4wd you can use an extra low gear. It is indeed a unique vehicle.

  2. and by "I replaced" i mean i had an excellent mechanic, John Lewis, at Garage Zero do the swap. fun to terrorize shiny new cars with '80's econo boxes.

  3. Hey Anonymous. Where can we see photos?

  4. Tercel4wd, look for Shaggymoon and specifically "a whole different wagon"